October group construction of LONGWELL -- A trip to Conghua, Guangzhou

NEWS 2021.10.29


Life is not only work, but also poetry and distance. Either body or soul is on the way.

In order to better reflect the corporate culture, enhance the feelings among employees and cohesion of the team,

Qianshu Tangquan organized a group construction activity with the theme of "ride the wind and waves, passionate youth, and create brilliance together".

In the busy and intense work, we enjoy the natural scenery, enhance the collective sense of honor and create a positive cultural atmosphere.


 One:Guangzhou conghua     

Guangzhou Conghua Hot Spring vacation




The best way of life is to run on the ideal road with a group of like-minded people. There is a story all the way back, a firm step and a clear distance.


ThreeLife is fast-paced, but there are occasional stops and starts 



A group of people, a road, grow together, be grateful, encounter is beautiful, to experience, to feel, keep loving, go to the mountains and seas!


FourHang out with interesting people while you're young 

 The ball the ball roll! Shake! Shake!

 The handy flexible 


 Eat the melon war

Play is a way to relax, in the busy work, let yourself down, will improve the spiritual level, relieve pressure.


FiveRice man out! 


There are two things others can not take away, one is the food you eat into the stomach,

the other is the dream you hide in the heart, so we have to be a foodie with a dream.


SixAfter dinner, entertainment


In memory, there are some moments, experience nothing special, recall, but more than thousands of words, nothing long, now to be happy.



Happy time is always so short, the team building activity is over here, this team building activity we all had a great time, next,

we will be in a better state to work, continue to move forward, go all out, make the future is possible!

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