Employees of Longwell Group's South China Region in 2020

NEWS 2021.01.27


In order to enrich the cultural life of company employees,
Strengthen and consolidate employees’ understanding of company culture,
Enhance the company's team cohesion and teamwork ability,
So the company organized
employees in South China
A trip to Suzhou and Shanghai in 2020.
At work, we chop the waves and face the difficulties,
During the event, we were very proud and talked,
Let us review the beautiful moments together~

1. Shanghai

      Activities: Shanghai Bund, Four Lines Warehouse, Monet's Painting Exhibition, Shanghai Disney, Oriental Pearl Tower, Yu Garden, etc.

2. Hanshan Temple(a.m.10:30)

      Hanshan Temple is located in Gusu District, Suzhou City. It was built during the Tianjian period of the Xiaoliang Dynasty of the Southern Dynasties (502~519 AD). It was originally named "Miaolipu Ming Pagoda". The famous Tang monk Hanshan and Shide lived here, so it was named Hanshan Temple. Traveling in the cold mountains and looking at the pagoda from afar, we have quite a feeling: picking up the cold, and the wind of Hezong, peaceful and festive; the bell is melodious, happiness is coming, and peace is coming; the poems and monuments are combined, the poetry rhyme is long, and the beauty of the ages.

3. Lion Grove(p.m.2:30)
      The Lion Forest was built in the Yuan Dynasty to the second year of Zheng (1342). It is one of the representatives of Chinese classical private garden architecture and belongs to one of the four famous gardens in Suzhou. Swim in the forest, the park is full of pinnacles, many resembling lions, lakes and rockeries are numerous and exquisite, and the buildings are scattered and scattered. In this garden, the partners of Longwell marveled at the wisdom of the ancients and sighed with the changes in the world. The laughter filled the garden, singing with the sound of birds, showing the vigor and vigor of the people of Longwell, and the determination and will to create the future together. 

4.Humble Administrator's Garden(p.m.3:30)

      The Humble Administrator's Garden, located in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, was built in the early years of Ming Zhengde (early 16th century). It is a representative work of Jiangnan classical gardens and one of the four famous gardens in China. Stepping into the Humble Administrator’s Garden, a cool breeze blew towards your face, refreshing people’s spirits. After crossing a long corridor, a pool of clear water came into view. From a distance, the pool looked like a stone embedded in a stone road. A piece of jade is smooth without a trace of cracks. Under the cool breeze, the pool was rippling and sparkling, and the water plants swayed with the waves, swimming in the garden. We forgot the tiredness of the day and the bustle of the city. Longwell people have always moved forward with sweat and action. Even if the journey is difficult, we will tide over the difficulties and welcome the joy of success.

5. Zhouzhuang(p.m.8:30)

      Zhouzhuang, a small town in the south of the Yangtze River, is known as "China's First Water Town" and is one of the first 5A-level scenic spots in the country. Located in Kunshan, Suzhou, it is one of the six ancient towns in the south of the Yangtze River. It was named a famous historical and cultural town in China in 2003.

      Walking in the ancient town, time seems to have slowed down. We feel the thick and simple atmosphere, with black tiles and white walls in our eyes. After a hundred years of vicissitudes, the beauty is still there. Boat trip to the water town, listen to the music in Zhouzhuang, and you will see the beautiful scenery of the river just a short time. Or laugh, or talk freely, Zhonghuan people, just like this, will always be flourishing, even after hardships, we are still full of energy, we are still moving forward, and we will win customer recognition and satisfaction with the best and most professional services , We will stand tall!


       During this tour, we enhanced our exchanges, deepened our friendship, and showed the spirit of our Zhonghuan people. Together we feel the grandeur and exquisiteness of the garden and the freshness and beauty of nature. Let us laugh and move forward together, pay attention to and join our team, let us work together for a better tomorrow for Longwell! 


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